Ladies Shamballa 013 Bracelet

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This Ladies Shamballa 013 Bracelet is handmade from different types of gems which makes it colorful and unique. The gems that were used to create this magnificent bracelet are agate, aquamarine, turquoise, pearl, pink quartz and moonstone. There are also 2 handmade silver pendants to complete the awesome design of this bracelet. The stones in this bracelet are not only for the design but also, they have their own meanings like the agate, which attracts strength and protects you from bad dreams and stress. The aquamarine is associated with courage and releases anxiety and fear. Turquoise is said to attract money, success, and love. The moonstone encourages communication by prompting clear thinking. Pink quartz is known for gentle love. So this bracelets is said to give goodluck to your everyday life.